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The world's number 1 square spring.

Will fit most Guns.

Warning: Fitting a new Ox Spring can take your rifle over 12 ft/lbs. You must check your guns power.
It is illegal to have a gun over 12 ft/lbs with out a firearms certificate.

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Ox No 1 Mainspring.
No 1 will fit BSA Airsporter, Mercury,Supersport,Superstar,Lightning,Goldstar, Anschutz 335,
Original 35, 45, 50, 38 RWS 24, 27,34 ,45, 50. Relum, Air Arms,HW 85, HW 55, HW 50, HW90,
Haenal, Lion, ASI CF 16/20 and Webley mk3 ( if the spring guide is reduced by 20 thou )

£23.99 Each

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Ox No2 Mainspring.
To fit BSA Meteor, Milbro Diana G80 and 27, Norica and Baikal,
Cometa 300/400 and 5,50,100 with some coils removed.

£23.99 Each

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Ox No 3 Mainspring.
To fit BSA Superstar. Webley, all models except Eclipse and Mk 3.

£23.99 Each

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Ox No 4 Mainspring.
To fit HW35 Diana 52 and 48, Original 52 and 48, RWS 52 and 48.

£23.99 Each

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Ox No 5 Mainspring.
To fit HW 80 and Webley Eclipse.

£23.99 Each

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Ox No 6 Mainspring.
To fit HW 77, HW 95, HW 97, Feinwerkbau Sport and larger Original models.

£23.99 Each

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Ox No 7 Mainspring.
To fit all ASI Models.

£23.99 Each

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