Shooting Accessories

Shooting Rests

Shooting Rests, that are rugged, fully adjustable, and easy to transport.

"Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order, I will certainly be using your services again" Graham. 

M T M Case Gard

Front Rifle Rest

Front Rifle Rest ( £45.00 )

Special Non Marring, Soft Rubber Shooting Pad Supports Nearly Any Shape Stock. Gun swivel screw or muzzle loading ram rod does not have to be removed to shoot from this rest. An affordable, all around Front Rifle Rest. The versatile, MTM...

Gunsmith Maintenance Center

Gunsmith Maintenance Center ( £59.99 )

One of the best gun maintenance support and gun cleaning products on the market. Designed for quick gun cleaning of rifles or shotguns. Ideal for mounting scopes, swivels, bedding of actions. To eliminate spills, compartments are provided for...

Site - In, Clean, Rest & Case

Site - In, Clean, Rest & Case ( £69.00 to £126.00 )

Site-In Clean, Shooting Rest & Case Great range case for sighting in rifles, muzzleloaders and shotguns. The case has been designed to hold the rifle rest in the top as a tray. With room for shooting accessories below. Rubber molde...

MTM Portable Gun Maintenance Center

MTM Portable Gun Maintenance Center ( £69.99 )

Designed for easy cleaning of rifles or shotguns. The rubber padded forks pop out and can be stored in the base along with your cleaning products. You can mount scopes, swivels, bedding of actions. The large middle section is to store your to...

MTM Gun Vise

MTM Gun Vise ( £75.99 )

MTM Case Gard is Proud to Announce the all new Gun Vise. This is a gun vise is packed with many of the same features you find in more expensive models. Designed to support both rifles and shotguns. For just about any kind of gunsmit...

Predator Shooting Rest

Predator Shooting Rest ( £79.99 )

The MTM Predator Shooting Rest Provides the stable, rock solid gun rest that shooters expect from expensive heavy metal rifle rests. At a fraction of the weight (3.5 pounds). Equally suited for rifle and pistols. The PSR is lightw...

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