Lil Sioux Sherwood Forester Jr. Kit ( £30.99 )

The Lil Sioux Sherwood Forester Junior Archery Set. Perfect introduction to archery. The set includes 15-20lb target recurve bow. Finger tab. Armguard. Multi-coloured target face. Two target arrows. The kit comes in a presentation pac...

Banshee Kit

Banshee Kit ( £52.25 )

The Banshee Compound Archery Set. Offers a step up for the intermediate shooter. It features a 20-25Lbs draw weight and is very light weight and easy to draw. The kit includes 1 target bow Adjustable sight Multi coloured target Finger t...

Sportflight Kit

Sportflight Kit ( £54.99 )

Full Featured Trainer Bow. 60” overall, 25lb draw weight. Complete with a full archery handle with adjustable sight pin. A must for clubs and schools. Kit includes 2 arrows, armguard and leather finger tab. ...

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