Air Pistols

Single Stroke Pneumatic

The most popular selling pistol for Triathlon competitors, this single stroke pneumatic pistol is ideal for juniors due to being lightweight and relatively easy to maintain.


PR 45

PR 45 ( £138.51 )

The PR-45 is a precision pistol. Enables you to shoot your target accurately. .177 in (4,5 mm). Velocity: 400 ft/s (120 m/s). Pneumatic pre compressed system with valve. Single shot mechanism.   Absolutely vibrationm free. Barrel m...

Compact Pistol

Compact Pistol ( £225.99 )

Recoil and vibration free. 180 adjustable trigger blade. The rear sight is also adjustable from open to close. Adjustable sights for windage and elevation. Anatomical grip, stippled for better control, with adjustable palm shelf. Checker...

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