Charging Kits

Charging Accessories

A full range of charging accessories and adaptors to fit most bottles and hoses.

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Air Arms

Snap Connectors

Snap Connectors ( £11.00 to £28.99 )

Snap Connectors To fit the Air Arms. S200. S400. S410. ...

Best Fittings

Quick Coupler Plug

Quick Coupler Plug ( £8.99 )

Quick Coupler Plug. Add more fill probes to your starter kit. Compatible Foster type coupling. Quality Stainless Steel. Compatable with all 1/8 BSP connectors. Complete with a bonded seal washer for easy fitting.  ...

Quick Coupler Starter Kit

Quick Coupler Starter Kit ( £23.99 )

Contains: 1 x BEST Fittings QC02 Coupler.   2 x Stainless QC03 Plugs. 1 x Stainless combined pressure test/dust plug.  2 x Bonded seal washers.  Compatible with Daystate, Air Arms, Brocock, BSA, Falcon, Webley, and all 1/8 BS...


Pump Seal Kit

Pump Seal Kit ( £26.75 )

MK 2 Pump Spare Filter and Full Internal Seal Kit. Full set of seals for the Hills Mk2 pump. ...

Midland Diving

A Clamp

A Clamp ( £24.99 )

A-Clamp to 1/8 " BSP. A-Clamp to 1/8 BSP. Used to adapt a hose for de-canting These fittings have a maximum working pressure of 232 bar. ...

A Clamp Charging System

A Clamp Charging System ( £69.99 )

A Clamp System with Gauge, Bleed & 1/8BSPF Hose Our A-Clamp Charging Systems are great for customers with an existing 232 Bar diving cylinder. The 1/8BSPF microbore hose connects to most airgun fittings. ...

DIN Charging System

DIN Charging System ( £69.99 )

DIN System with Gauge, Bleed & 1/8BSP Hose. Suitable for any DIN cylinder up to 300 Bar. DIN Charging Systems are great for customers with an existing diving cylinder. The 1/8BSP microbore hose connects to most airgun fitings. ...



Connectors ( £2.50 to £16.99 )

Male/Male Connections. Replacement male/male connections. For airgun charging cylinders. Diving cylinder system. Available in 1/4x1/4, 1/4x1/8 and 1/8x1/8 threads. ...

Din to 1/4 Adaptor

Din to 1/4 Adaptor ( £16.50 )

To fill Rapid7 and Super10 adaptor. Designed for airgun charging cylinders. Fits directly into our airgun valve. Provides a 5/8" to 1/4 BSP buddy bottle connection for rifles. Including the Theoben Rapid 7 and the BSA Super10. ...

Charging Hose

Charging Hose ( £23.50 )

Hose Assembly With 1/8" BSP Connector....

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