Shotgun Accessories

General Accessories


Snap Caps

Snap Caps ( £5.55 )

Plastic Snap Caps. A must for every shot gun. Available in 12 and 20 bore. ...

Bore Cleaner

Bore Cleaner ( £6.20 )

To Remove Lead Build Up. For all types of guns. Lifts and removes moisture. Inhibits rusting and corrosion. Removes all traces of nitro power and metallic fouling. Highly effective. New formula. Good protection. ...

Snap Caps Brass

Snap Caps Brass ( £12.10 )

Brass Snap Caps. A little luxury for everyone. Available in 12, 16, 20 and 410 bore. ...

Certificate Wallet

Certificate Wallet ( £12.99 )

To fit shotgun or firearm certificate. Fold over type with see through panel. ...

12g Brass Choke Gauge

12g Brass Choke Gauge ( £13.99 )

Check Your Choke With This Gauge. Made from brass. ...


Bore Solvent

Bore Solvent ( £3.85 )

Developed for the complete removal of lead, copper and nitro powder residues. It will effectively clean any type of gun barrel. It is very economical. Use Bore Solvent on Air Guns, Black Powder Guns, Rifles and Pistols. It may also be used ...

Parker Hale

Oil Bottles

Oil Bottles ( £28.99 to £36.99 )

Nickel Oil Bottles. These are a lovely item to own and are available as either a Square bottle. Round bottle. ...

Nickel Snap Caps

Nickel Snap Caps ( £28.99 )

The Ultimate in Luxury. Available in 12, 16, 20 and 410 Bore. ...

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