Air Gun Pellets

Choose the better quality lead pellets for serious shooting and hunting.


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Interceptor ( £6.32 to £34.99 )

This is the pellet for close to medium range hunting where maximum knockdown potential is essential. The Interceptor is formed from a special lead alloy. Designed to deform on impact. Transfers impact energy much more efficiently than standar...


Elite ( £6.32 to £34.99 )

High Crowned Domehead Pellet For Extreme Range Performance. Medium weigh pellet. Highly aerodynamic pellet. Represents the perfect combination for hunting. Its streamlined profile creates less ‘drag’ in flight. Promotes a more forgiving t...


Storm ( £6.32 to £34.99 )

Classic Pellet, Designed For All Round Use. Ideal for spring piston and precharged pneumatic airguns alike. from informal plinking sessions to the demands of full hunting action. Versatile, affordable and totally reliable. Available in .177...


Super Field

Super Field ( £5.10 to £10.45 )

Bisley Super Field. A good all rounder with a slight hollow of the nose available in: .177 .20 .22 ...


Magnum ( £5.15 to £11.65 )

Bisley Magnum. One of the best heavy weight pellets. A hard hitting pellet available in: .177 .22 ...

Pest Control

Pest Control ( £6.20 to £9.50 )

Bisley Pest Control. A hollow nose pellet for hunting. A good ratting pellet available in: .177 .22 ...


Practice ( £6.30 to £8.40 )

Bisley Practice. A good all rounder. Wad cutter available in: .177 .22 ...


Premier Super Point Pellets

Premier Super Point Pellets ( £10.00 )

Super Point pellets. Want your shot to travel further?.   Super Point .177 caliber pellets get the maximum distance for your airgun. ...


Premier .177 Ultra Magnum ( Formerly Accupel ) ( £11.00 )

Ultra Magnum heavy pellets. Domed heavy pellets are the best choice for targeting at the range or in the field. 500 per tin. 10.5 grain. .177 caliber...

Premier Hollow Point

Premier Hollow Point ( £12.00 )

Hollow Point pellets. The perfect pellets for small game hunting. Get a greater impact with these expanding pellets. Competition grade premier hollow point pellets. Great for hunting and pest control. Obtain greater accuracy by using Cros...

Premier .22 Ultra Magnum ( Formely Accupel )

Premier .22 Ultra Magnum ( Formely Accupel ) ( £12.00 )

Exactly the same pellet as Crosman Accupel. Made by Crosman. Premier Ultra Magnum. Weight is the same 14.3gr. Just a new tin and packaging....


Hunter Pellets

Hunter Pellets ( £4.99 to £16.99 )

Hunter Pellets (Round) .22 Cal Due to the heavier weight and dome configuration, this pellet performs with terrific impact, even at long distance shots....

H and N

Field Target Trophy

Field Target Trophy ( £6.50 to £13.50 )

H & N Field Target Trophy. A top quality pellet. For hunting and target work. Well made. Accurate pellet. Available in: .177 .20 .22 .25 ...


Pointed ( £10.80 )

H & N Pointed. Spitz Kugeln. .177 Weight 8.6g. Tin of 500. ...



Exact ( £11.99 to £65.95 )

JSB Exact Domed Diabolo Pellets This is the pellet of choice for many FT and HFT shooters.   A pure lead pellet from the prolific Czech manufacturer. These pellets go through a thorough quality inspection to ensure accuracy and consi...


R.W.S. Superdome.

R.W.S. Superdome. ( £9.50 to £12.99 )

Rounded head.Ribbed Skirt.A good all round pellet.Available in .177 and .22....


R.W.S.Superfield. ( £9.50 to £12.00 )

A pellet manufactured specifically for PCP 's.Ideal hunting pellet.Available in .177 and .22....


Quick Clean Pellets

Quick Clean Pellets ( £5.15 )

Available in. .177 and .22. The quick way to clean your air gun barrel, just shoot them through your barrel. ...



Wasp ( £4.60 to £6.99 )

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