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We stock a wide selection of spare magazines to fit most Guns. Air Arms, BSA, Daystate, Walther, Theoben etc.

" Thank you for my prompt delivery of my order, the service is excellent and the delivery swift I couldnt ask for more, many thanks Rob."

Air Arms

S 200 Spare Magazine.

S 200 Spare Magazine. ( £19.99 )

Spare pellet carrier to fit S 200 magazine system. Available in .177 and .22. Holds 10 pellets. ...

S410 Spare Magazine.

S410 Spare Magazine. ( £37.40 )

To fit the air arms S410 rifle. 10 shot magazine. ...

S200 Magazine System

S200 Magazine System ( £84.99 )

All You Need To Convert Your S200 Into a 10 Shot. Simply remove the pellet trough with the allen keys provided. Slip the magazine body onto the gun. Clamp the body down and the system is ready to use. Load the pellet carrier, insert it in...


BSA Spare Magazine

BSA Spare Magazine ( £46.20 )

NEW Magazine Introduction The new BSA magazine which will now fit all BSA multishot rifles. These magazines have been extensively field and have performed faultlessly. The new magazines have coloured coded rotors, blue for .177. Re...



Crosman 1077 Spare Magazines ( £7.00 )

Crosman 1077 Spare Magazines. Pack of 3 spare magazines. ...


Single Shot Tray

Single Shot Tray ( £15.00 )

Available In .177 and .22 calibre. By removing the magazine and fitting the loading tray, the rifle can be used as a single shot with the pellets loading directly into the Walther barrel. ...

10 Shot Spare Magazine

10 Shot Spare Magazine ( £59.99 )

Available in. .177. .22. ...


Co2 Spare Magazine

Co2 Spare Magazine ( £29.99 )

For pistols and rifles. These magazines will fit. Walther. Colt. Beretta. ...


HW110 Spare Magazine.

HW110 Spare Magazine. ( £39.99 )

HW110 Spare Magazine.Spare magazine in .177 or .22Full Metal magazine.!0 shots each magazine....

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