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Look after your gun with airgun cleaning kits, phosphor bronze brushes, turnscrews, cleaning pellets, gun care kits, gun cleaner, rust inhibitor, lubricants, silicone cloths and all those other essentials to keep your guns in perfect condition.

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LT 2 Gun Grease

LT 2 Gun Grease ( £5.20 )

Maximises power from airgun springs. Ensures smooth, fast action. Improves performance & reliability. Reduces maintenance & wear. Use on Springs, Trigger mounting & release mechanisms. loading bolts and firing pins. And all mo...

Birchwood Casey

Tru Oil

Tru Oil ( £6.99 )

Tru Oil Gun Stock Finish. There is no better oil finish!.   TRU OIL Gun Stock Finish is the professional's choice for gunstocks (or furniture) finishing for more than 30 years. Its unique blend of linseed and natural oils dries fast and ...

Presto Blue Pen

Presto Blue Pen ( £8.99 )

Superb gun blue but in this handy pen format for greater ease of use. Ideal for touching up small scratches or bright edges. The fastest and easiest way to touch up nicks and scratches. Penetrates hard steel instantly and gives a durable blue...


Phosphor Bronze Brush

Phosphor Bronze Brush ( £4.05 )

A must to scrub your barrels clean. Available in .177. .22. ...

Silicone Cloth

Silicone Cloth ( £5.99 )

Large impregnated cloth. Use to wipe your gun over. Take off those greasy finger prints. Suitable for most sports applications, in self seal bag. ...

Gun Blue

Gun Blue ( £6.65 )

Highly effective cold Blue gel. Pot of 75g. ...

Air Gun Cleaning Kit

Air Gun Cleaning Kit ( £20.99 )

Suits Both Rifle & Pistol. Both Calibres .177 & .22. Contains three piece steel rod . Jag. Pellet remover. 1 Mop .177. 1 Mop .22. 1 Brush .177. 1 Brush .22. All you need to keep your gun in good order. ...

Deluxe Combination Cleaning Kit

Deluxe Combination Cleaning Kit ( £35.99 )

Kit includes high quality brass rod. Oil bottle. Wool mop. Bristle and bronze brush. Will do .177 and .22....


Power Pellet Lube

Power Pellet Lube ( £3.12 )

The latest version of the popular pellet lube. Improved formula. Includes a new friction reduction additive. Protection from corrosion. And cleaning ability. Incorporates VP90. Independent tests prove almost 50% increase in accuracy. ...

VP 90 Gun Grease

VP 90 Gun Grease ( £4.03 )

Supplied in a new easy to dispense plastic tube with large non-slip cap. This WHITE grease is highly water resistant (to DIN 51807). VP90 operates effectively in temperatures of -20c to +120c. Supplied in 25ml (1.05floz) dispenser tubes. ...

Power Airgun Grease

Power Airgun Grease ( £6.27 )

The new Power Airgun Grease. Has been tested to the extreme. Has been an important part of the Air Arms master service kit for some years. Now available to all Airgunners. ...

Rifle Clean

Rifle Clean ( £6.62 )

A uniquely textured highly absorbent and strong material for the effective cleaning of all Guns. With a particular emphasis on rifled bores. Out performs patches in every way and, being 75% thinner, can be wrapped around a wire brush. It moul...

Power Air Gun Oil

Power Air Gun Oil ( £8.06 )

Protects against corrosion with VP90, lubricates. Non gumming suitable for all airguns including pre charged, CO2 & spring powered airguns. 200ml Aerosol. ...

Gun Oil

Gun Oil ( £8.97 )

Protection for any firearm or gun. Containing VP90 corrosion inhibitors. Oil has the ability to penetrate into even the most inaccessible parts. Provides complete protection from corrosion. Oil will not break down under extremes of temperat...

Super VP 90

Super VP 90 ( £8.99 )

This remarkable product is used by shooters worldwide to protect guns or any metal objects, either in a gun safe or bag. Advanced vapour phase action. Deposits an invisible mono molecular coating on any exposed metal. Leaving glass, plastic &...

Parker Hale

Youngs 303

Youngs 303 ( £5.49 )

New Improved Formula. Estabished in 1900. Combined cleaner. Rust preventer. Nitro power solvent. ...

Walnut Oil

Walnut Oil ( £7.20 )

Walnut oil is the tried and tested method of enhancing the natural beauty in the grain of your stock. Simple and inexpensive, This highly refined, natural walnut oil quickly dries to a clear, hard finish. Rub lightly onto a clean, well prepar...

Bisley Presentation PO1

Bisley Presentation PO1 ( £34.99 )

Spinning handle rod. Bronze brush. Wool mop. Brass jag. Young's 303 oil. Express oil. Patches. Duster. All presented in a durable plastic box Available in .22,.32,.38 and.45....


Turnscrews ( £86.99 )

A Boxed Set of Turnscrews. The right tool to use for guns. Do not use screw drivers as you will damage your screw heads. ...


Cleaning Pellets

Cleaning Pellets ( £5.15 )

Quick clean pellets. Available in, .177. .22. The quick way to clean your air gun barrel, just shoot them through your barrel. ...


Rust Inhibitor Lubricant

Rust Inhibitor Lubricant ( £5.50 )

Our Own Inhibitor. Suitable for all weapons. Rust inhibitor. Lubricant. Replaces moisture. Prevents corrosion. Suitable for all sporting and outdoor equipment. 200ml. ...

Deluxe Cleaning Kit

Deluxe Cleaning Kit ( £35.99 )

Airgun Cleaning Kit. Deluxe box. For air rifles or pistols. Both .177 and .22. Rods. Jags. Mops. Brushes. Oil....

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