Shooting Accessories


  • Bipods are ultralight and lightening quick.
  • Most are completely adjustable and have spring-return extensions.
  • Attaches to a sling swivel or around the barrel.
  • Harris Series S Bipods rotate to either side for instant levelling on uneven ground.
  • Harris have a hinged base with tension adjustment and buffer springs to eliminate any tremor.

    How good, performance wise, are the bipods?

    If you can, ask a person who uses one, makes a steady hold easier by eliminating any shifting or movement between gun and rest, and the bipod is always there when you need it.
  • The sitting position often allows you to shoot over vegetation.
  • The prone position, with practice, allows nearly complete accuracy potential from a rifle.
  • The bipods will not change the zero or effect accuracy of rifles.

" Thank you for your prompt delivery and very good service, Your customer care is second to none." Mr Jay.


Budget Bipod

Budget Bipod ( £9.99 )

Plastic Bipod. Clips on to the Rifle Barrel. 9" High. ...



Bipod ( £57.99 to £94.99 )

Deben Bipods are made from lightweight, high grade hardened alloys.  They have been designed to be quick and steady to use.   Strong and durable.  Slings can be used whilst the bipod is attached.   Attaches to swive...


No 4 Universal Adapter

No 4 Universal Adapter ( £26.99 )

Designed to fit bipods to gun barrels. This adapter requires 2” of uncluttered barrel for mounting. Ideal for barrels of .55” - .812” diameter. ...


Bipods ( £82.95 to £139.95 )

Harris Bipods are ultralight and lightening quick. Folding legs have completely adjustable spring-return extensions. The sling swivel attaches to the clamp. The Bipod attaches to a Q.D. sling swivel stud. Series S Bipods rotate to ei...

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