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Co2 Cylinders

Each Co2 cylinder holds 12g of Co2. These cylinders will fit all Co2 guns that work with a 12g Co2 cylinder. Walther, Berreta, Crosman, Colt, Benjaman,Sheradon and many more.

"Just want to say thank you for my order, very fast delivery and well packed will definatly order from you again" Sam.

"I found your business very professional and I was happy with the service, thank you"  Lee.


Co2 Cylinders

Co2 Cylinders ( £7.99 to £59.99 )

12g capsules for Co2 Pistols and Rifles. ...

88g Co2 Power Supply

88g Co2 Power Supply ( £7.99 )

88g Co2 Power Supply for ''King Ratcatcher" Air Gun, SMK guns Etc.. 88 gr, the new, pre-filled, disposable, 88 gram Co2 tank. Allows more shots, up to 200 on one tank. The accuracy and consistency is greater because of the larger reservoir of...

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