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Sling Swivels

We can provide you with sling swivels to fit most gun sizes from 13.5mm, 14.5mm 16mm, Hush Stalker and QD studs and are all easy to fit.

"Just to let you know that my order was delivered today by courier, thank you for your prompt service." Mr Starbuck


Q D Stud.

Q D Stud. ( £3.99 )

Use Q.D. stud for. Quick detatching of slings. ( You will need two of these to fit a sling). Also useful to attatch a Bipod. ...

Hush Stalker

Hush Stalker ( £9.99 )

Quick release sling swivels. No squeak. No rattle sling swivel. ...


Chicago Studs

Chicago Studs ( £3.00 )

Used to fasten sling loops together. ...

Sling Swivels

Sling Swivels ( £3.99 to £13.95 )

We stock most sizes of sling swivels please choose from list below. ...

Quick Release Sling Swivels

Quick Release Sling Swivels ( £9.99 )

Quick release sling swivels. To fit 1" ends. ...

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