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Leading makes like Air Arms, BSA, Daystate, and Parker Hale all produce a superb silencer to cut the noise of your gun which will enable you to get closer to your prey.

" Thanks for your help and the effort you have put in, I rate your web shop 5 star out of five for your product range and your quick responce and good service " Stan.

Air Arms

S400 & S410 Silencer

S400 & S410 Silencer ( £49.99 )

Very efficient and also looks good. This superb silencer has been designed specifically for the S400. S410. And will fit both. ...

S200 Silencer

S200 Silencer ( £49.99 )

To fit air arms S200 rifle. A very effective silencer. A must have for every S200 rifle. ...


Airstream Reflex Silencer

Airstream Reflex Silencer ( £66.80 )

The Daystate Airstream Reflex Silencer  Three facts that are all you need to know about the new carbon fibre Mark 4 silencer. Shorter An overall length of 7 and only 3.5 extending forward.  Lighter  99 grams.  Quieter...


DecimEater Air Rifle Moderator

DecimEater Air Rifle Moderator ( £49.99 )

Brand new from Hogan Firearms. A supremely engineered Moderator. Machined from solid billet T606 Aircraft Aluminium. 1/2" UNF thread. With three internal high efficiency void chambers to provide you with the quiestest possible results. Ex...

Parker Hale

Screw Thread Adaptor

Screw Thread Adaptor ( £31.25 )

Screw Thread Adaptor. At last a screw thread adaptor which can be added to a barrel.   From 13.5 mm to 16 mm no cutting required 1/2" UNF....

Universal Silencer

Universal Silencer ( £39.99 )

The Universal Silencer Has Been Designed to fit Over Barrels 14.3 mm to 16 mm...

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