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Leading makes like Air Arms, BSA, Bisley, Daystate, Logun, Ox, and Parker Hale all produce a superb silencer to cut the noise of your gun which will enable you to get closer to your prey.

" Thanks for your help and the effort you have put in, I rate your web shop 5 star out of five for your product range and your quick responce and good service " Stan.

Air Arms

S400 & S410 Silencer

S400 & S410 Silencer ( £43.99 )

Very efficient and also looks good. This superb silencer has been designed specifically for the S400. S410. And will fit both. ...

S200 Silencer

S200 Silencer ( £43.99 )

To fit air arms S200 rifle. A very effective silencer. A must have for every S200 rifle. ...



Silencers ( £31.50 to £41.60 )

A good silencer. Requires no drilling. Tapping. Filing. Cutting. And no adaptors. ...


Airstream Reflex Silencer

Airstream Reflex Silencer ( £64.00 )

The Daystate Airstream Reflex Silencer  Three facts that are all you need to know about the new carbon fibre Mark 4 silencer. Shorter An overall length of 7 and only 3.5 extending forward.  Lighter  99 grams.  Quieter...


DecimEater Air Rifle Moderator

DecimEater Air Rifle Moderator ( £45.00 )

Brand new from Hogan Firearms. A supremely engineered Moderator. Machined from solid billet T606 Aircraft Aluminium. 1/2" UNF thread. With three internal high efficiency void chambers to provide you with the quiestest possible results. Ex...

Parker Hale

Parker Hale

Parker Hale ( £29.50 to £31.25 )

These silencers remain one of the market leaders. There are 15 baffles which are removable for cleaning and each silencer is complete with an assembly rod....

Screw Thread Adaptor

Screw Thread Adaptor ( £31.25 )

Screw Thread Adaptor. At last a screw thread adaptor which can be added to a barrel.   From 13.5 mm to 16 mm no cutting required 1/2" UNF....

Universal Silencer

Universal Silencer ( £39.99 )

The Universal Silencer Has Been Designed to fit Over Barrels 14.3 mm to 16 mm...

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