Decoys and Camouflage Nets


The following Decoys have been selected to offer you the widest choice of Brands and Prices.

East Anglian Decoys

Full Bodied Pigeon

Full Bodied Pigeon ( £3.70 to £35.00 )

Made in the U.K. Exceptional value for money. ...

Full Bodied Pigeon Feeding

Full Bodied Pigeon Feeding ( £3.70 to £35.00 )

Made in the U.K. Exceptional value for money. ...

Pigeon Shells and Pegs

Pigeon Shells and Pegs ( £29.99 to £55.99 )

Shells with pegs. Good value. ...

Sport Plat Decoys

High Detail Shells

High Detail Shells ( £4.60 to £27.40 )

Exceptional detail. Good value for money. ...


Crow ( £5.70 to £19.99 )

Crow decoy now with feet. ...


Magpie ( £6.50 to £66.00 )

Magpie decoy. ...


Ducklings ( £10.50 )

Pack of three ducklings. ...

Little Owl

Little Owl ( £13.85 )

A very good deterrent decoy. Very high detail. Good for Crows and Magpies ...

Mallard Drake and Hen

Mallard Drake and Hen ( £24.99 )

Aqua keel design. ...

The Great American Owl

The Great American Owl ( £24.99 )

The Great American Owl is one of the most effective decoy. warding off unwanted birds. Will keep seagulls off boats . ...


Heron ( £25.30 )

Heron decoy with feet. The Heron decoy can be used as a garden ornament. Keep other birds away from ponds. Comes with stake for secure fastening. ...


Flamingo ( £29.99 )

Flamingo Decoy. ...

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon ( £36.00 )

Often used in gardens or by people wishing to keep pests at bay....

Flapping Little Owl

Flapping Little Owl ( £38.20 )

The flapper version of the little owl. Adds more realism to the decoy. Both wings are movable. ...


Swans ( £49.99 )

A beautiful pair of swans.    ...

Goose Shells

Goose Shells ( £104.50 )

Silhouette goose decoys were developed to provide a lower cost decoy that would provide better results than other decoys on the market. Realistic Life-Like Images Lightweight & Economical Durable ABS Plastic Specific UV Ink Non-Reflec...

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