Air Rifles


As their name implies, these airguns are powered byCo2, usually with a 12g cylinder which will give a good number of shots. Good fun and easy to use. Some of the Crosman models now utilise larger 88g Co2 capsules. Each of these capsules gives enough power to produce up to 200 shots.


1077 Rifle

1077 Rifle ( £104.00 )

You won't find a more reliable semi-automatic rifle than the 1077. Available with a synthetic stock. Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger. 12-shot rotary clip lets you shoot longer. Co2 power source. .177 (4.5mm) caliber. ...

2250b Ratcatcher

2250b Ratcatcher ( £165.00 )

A Compact Air Rifle. .22 Caliber. Comes complete with a 4 x 20 scope for added precision. Co2 power source. Max Velocity:7.5Ft/Lbs. Capacity: single shot. Length: 750mm. Weight:1.55 kilos. Rifled steel barrel. ...

Crosman XL2250

Crosman XL2250 ( £225.00 )

Crosman XL 2250 Co2 Rifle.Co2 single shot bolt action.Comes in .22 calibre.ABS stock and forend.With an 18" rifled barrel.Metal Breech block.complete with 4x32 scope and mounts.weighs 1.64 Kilos.7.5 Ft/Lbs. Overall length 756mm....

Sports Marketing

XS 78

XS 78 ( £109.95 )

Sturdily Constructed Compact CO2 Powered Air Rifle With Top Quality Hard Wood Stock. Double charged CO2 capsules (2x12g) Fixed barrel for greater accuracy. Fully adjustable removable rear sight. Grooved for telescopic sight & mounts. ...

XS 79

XS 79 ( £119.90 )

Sturdily Constructed Compact CO2 Powered Air Rifle With Superb Top Quality Hard Wood Stock. Powered by a 88g CO2 capsule. Bolt action. Each shot is smooth, powerful and accurate with no recoil. Fully adjustable, removable rear sight. ...

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