A range of high quality targets for air rifles and pistols. Field Targets are designed to simulate hunting in the field. Laser cut steel shapes are available in a variety of very realistic animal and non animal designs. Targets for practice and fun.

"Thank you. I was favourably impressed by the speed of your response to my order." John D.


Red Spinner

Red Spinner ( £16.99 )

Top spinner 30 mm. Bottom spinner 40 mm. Simple just stick in the ground and shoot. ...

Red Set Targets

Red Set Targets ( £49.99 )

Spinner Targets. Paper target holder at the top. 8 red spinners in the middle. Hours of fun. Strong & Durable. ...

Snooker Target

Snooker Target ( £49.99 )

Metal Snooker Target. Paper target holder on top. 7 spinning targets so you can play snooker. By shooting a red target ie: one point, then a coloured target ie: black = seven points. Strong & Durable. ...

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Knock Down Pellet Catcher

Knock Down Pellet Catcher ( £34.99 )

The perfect safe pellet catcher. Heavy metal construction. Deflective angle to avoid ricochets. Provides great and challenging fun for all the family. Knock down the four animal figures and then hit the centre disc to reset. Once this is ...


Resetting Target

Resetting Target ( £19.99 )

 Resetting Target. No More Trudging Down Range For Resetting. Hit all four of the hanging targets. Then shoot at the resetting target and all four targets drop back down for another round of shooting fun. The solid steel target is durabl...

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