Junior kit

The products shown below are a selection of the many combinations that work well together. If you have a specific requirement contact us for assistance in choosing the right products.

Bisley - Practice

Bisley - Practice ( £6.30 to £8.40 )

Bisley Practice. A good all rounder. Wad cutter available in: .177 .22 ...

Crosman - 1077 Rifle

Crosman - 1077 Rifle ( £104.00 )

You won't find a more reliable semi-automatic rifle than the 1077. Available with a synthetic stock. Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger. 12-shot rotary clip lets you shoot longer. Co2 power source. .177 (4.5mm) caliber. ...

Crosman - 2250b Ratcatcher

Crosman - 2250b Ratcatcher ( £165.00 )

A Compact Air Rifle. .22 Caliber. Comes complete with a 4 x 20 scope for added precision. Co2 power source. Max Velocity:7.5Ft/Lbs. Capacity: single shot. Length: 750mm. Weight:1.55 kilos. Rifled steel barrel. ...

Crosman - Crosman XL2250

Crosman - Crosman XL2250 ( £225.00 )

Crosman XL 2250 Co2 Rifle.Co2 single shot bolt action.Comes in .22 calibre.ABS stock and forend.With an 18" rifled barrel.Metal Breech block.complete with 4x32 scope and mounts.weighs 1.64 Kilos.7.5 Ft/Lbs. Overall length 756mm....

Sports Marketing - Mod 15 Junior Rifle

Sports Marketing - Mod 15 Junior Rifle ( £79.95 )

Compact sized break action air rifle . Lightweight designed for beginners. 92 cm (36") overall length. 38 cm (15") steel precision rifled barrel. Adjustable rear sight. Hooded front sight. Superb hardwood stock. Deep blued finish. G...

Crosman - Crosman Inferno.

Crosman - Crosman Inferno. ( £99.99 )

Crosman Inferno Junior Rifle.Crosman Inferno is a perfect junior rifle.Comes in .177 calibre.With fibre optic open sights.A skeleton style synthetic stock.Great for plinking.Weighs only 1.98 kilosPower is at 7 Ft/Lbs....

Crosman - Crosman Optimus.

Crosman - Crosman Optimus. ( £165.00 )

Crosman Optimus.A powerful yet elegant break barrel rifle.In .22 calibre.Ambidextrous hardwood stock.Two stage adjustable trigger.Incorporates an adjustable rear sightFibre optic front sight.Also with a Centrepoint 4x32 telescopic scope for more visi...

Sports Marketing - Knock Down Pellet Catcher

Sports Marketing - Knock Down Pellet Catcher ( £34.99 )

The perfect safe pellet catcher. Heavy metal construction. Deflective angle to avoid ricochets. Provides great and challenging fun for all the family. Knock down the four animal figures and then hit the centre disc to reset. Once this is ...

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