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Customer Service.

              Customer Service I'm a big advocate of giving credit where cr...[Read more]

I'm a big advocate of giving credit where credit's due.I would like to share what has been a great experience with Wighill Park Guns.After a lot of co...[Read more]

Mail Order of Airguns.

There are new Law changes as from 1st October 2007. You can still own and buy an airgun. The new law states these items now have to be sold fa...[Read more]

The Violent Crime Bill

Just so that you are clear what the changes are we have listed them for you below. We also asure you that you will still receive our personal servic...[Read more]

Glossary of terms for airgunning

Here is an explanation of some helpful terms which are commonly used within the sport of airgunning. Action. The working mechanism of an airgun. V...[Read more]

Zeroing-in your air gun sights

Adjusting your sights so they are properly aligned with the point of impact is called "zeroing-in" or "sighting-in." The gun will be accurate at the d...[Read more]

How to set up a shooting range

You can build a home shooting range that will allow you to practice all year round, indoors or out. Here's what you need to do for a safe place to pra...[Read more]

Shooting a rifle with open iron sights

Use a bullseye-type target. You have to practice and then practice some more. Concentrate every time you practice shooting and the end result will be ...[Read more]

Air Gun Law

Purchasing Air Guns & Ammunition in the UK The laws concerning the purchase of air guns and ammunition are as follows: You must be over th...[Read more]

Be Safe Not Sorry

Be Safe At All Times. Safety is the most important factor involved in any shooting sport and air gun shooting is no exception. An air gun is not a t...[Read more]

Choosing Air Gun Pellets

Air Gun Pellets Choosing The Correct Pellets. When choosing your perfect air gun pellet, be sure to take into consideration whether or not your air gun is pellet sp...[Read more]

Client Testimonials

I saw some good feed back from your customers, but I didn't believe it. Well... I was wrong... You really are a great team! Thank you again for yo...[Read more]