Buy air guns and accessories from this leading UK specialist

Wighill Park Guns is a leading supplier of air guns and accessories, both online and from our shop in North Yorkshire. We are here to help you choose the air rifles, pistols and accessories to suit your budget and your activity.

Pest Control

If you want to shoot vermin and pests to protect your crops or vegetable garden - or perhaps shoot rabbit and pigeon for food - we help you choose air rifles, rifle scopes, lamps and camouflage clothing. We help you make sure your shooting is legal.

Family fun

If you and your family enjoy 'plinking' together - shooting targets for fun - we have reasonably priced air guns, pellets and targets for you and we give you tips for safe shooting.

Field target shooting

If you want to shoot competitively, we'll help you buy the right kit and introduce you to the fast-growing sport of field target shooting - where old and young can compete together and enjoy their sport at many levels.

At Wighill Park Guns, our help doesn't stop when you leave the shop - our after-sales service is just as friendly and knowledgeable.

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Our Shop Opening Times are 9am - 5pm Wednesday to Saturday.

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